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Friday, January 28, 2011

December daily Day 12

I loved this project. I loved the challenge. I loved how aware it made me of what we did each day and how we shared and experienced it. I loved actually making a scrapbook. (I have a room literally full of supplies and have been collecting them for years but this will be my first completed album, holding my first completed layouts.) And I loved loved loved how this "day" turned out...

Another 3 page layout, and a good thing since I ended up with some really fun photos to use.
Here is the 2 page spread...with a peek at my very messy scrap room lol.

I adore this page...it may be my favorite. I love the photo, how the colors pop. I'm really rather proud of it since it was exactly what I tried to do! Yay! This is yet another Ali Edwards December Daily 6x8 template with the text removed and the border turned white. The word art is a brush from the Ali Edwards Hand Drawn Holiday set from Designer Digitals. I added the underline with the pencil tool in Photoshop. I gave it its own layer to make adjustments easier. I was rather proud of my little line too. ;)

Wow I got some great photos for this day. These cookies are one of my favorite parts of Christmas and I was so excited that we had time to do them together all 3 of us. It's tricky since my hubby works for FedEx and the holidays are CRAZY for him. I love the black and white pic of Brecon...again the camera was friendly and did exactly what I tried to do. I also love the patterned paper on this page. (Tradition Strips from the Tradition collection by Fancy Pants Designs) Great colors that go perfectly with my photos. For the pics at the top I used the "celebrate today" template from the DD 6x8 templates and erased the big outline around the edge of the page. Then I was able to print it and the remaining box fit just right on my dated overlay page.

Page 3 was fun to put together. I cropped a photo I'd taken of some blue snowflake cookies to a closeup and filled a 6x8 doc with the photo. Then I turned the opacity down to about 30%. I put my journaling over top of the pic and printed the whole thing onto the back of my dated overlay page. The picture looks really cool. Its soft and aged looking, almost like its on canvas or soft fabric. This picture isn't great. I promise in person its pretty cool. The font is CK Journaling available free here.
The journaling here reads: It never really feels like Christmas until we make these cookies. This is the first year Brecon has really been able to help.I’ve been making them ever since I can remember. When I was little we had a metal cookie press with a handle you had to turn. Now Mom has a fancy electric cookie gun! My press had a lever that isn’t very easy to use (in fact I think I pulled a muscle today because the dough was a little too cold). Oh well, it gets the job done. Someday I’ll upgrade to a cookie gun. When I was a kid we only made 2 shapes : green trees and red flowers. Now it has expanded to include blue snowflakes and this year I tried some yellow stars. They are my favorite Christmas cookie, so soft and yummy. Now it feels like December.

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